Monday, September 19, 2016

Autumn Greetings/ Missouri-Made Mondays

Craft Booth September 17, 2016
I blogged a little about the Green Ridge Park Day on my other blog's regular Sunday Sampler feature yesterday. 
But I didn't share what lovely treasures my mother surprised me with.
It's inside the bag of course.
These were quite the bargain and mother never let's those pass her by.
Kerchiefs for $1 apiece, already hemmed and ready for use.
The one on the left is a medallion pattern that resembles a giant chrysanthemum.
The right kerchief is a Dresden Plate in lovely autumn colors.
I have a plan to alter these.....just a little.
First I'll be cutting them into triangles.
After hemming the cut edge, I'll add some trim.....

In the form of crochet with ties. 
Too much wind or sun is hard on the hair. These darling hair accessories keep it in check and are very pretty on little girls in their Sunday best.
Hope you'll be back again for another Missouri-Made Monday!