Thursday, June 9, 2016

Save Room For Dessert/ Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday

Strawberries, I'd pick you above all fruits!
They don't really need sugar, fluffy white cool whip, yogurt, ice cream or chocolate.
But why not indulge on a lazy, warm, summer Sunday afternoon?
So we did.
I present a so-o-o-o simple recipe for gluten free shortcake. 
There is a reason they made bowl mixers with covers. I would recommend using yours
.............. or borrow your mother's.
Do you know how powdery corn starch can be?
Even more than powdered sugar.
So you've been warned.

 We used paper baking cups instead of the grease-your-pan method.
There were a dozen.
Someone couldn't wait. And of course, there always needs to be a taster :)
Guess they pass the taste test.
I split them in half for more cake per bite.
Here are those glorious strawberries all decked out!
And yes I shared :)