Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Prelude/ Tasty Thursday

Little did you know that my last blog post was foreshadowing our latest adventure. 
Tasty Thursday this week is a peek at our family dining experience at Lidia's Italy Kansas City.
They have a nice selection of Gluten free items for our 1/2 of the household who have intolerance for Wheat, Barley and Rye.
Grilled Octopus with Warm Potatoes, Caper, Red Onion, Gaeta Olives GF
Our appetizer was shared with 3 of the 4 of us. Not everyone wanted to try this unfamiliar seafood. When you live in the farmbelt, it's hard to warm up to this type of option. No mozzarella cheese sticks available here. Time to insert here that I did try it. Yay me :)
with Rock Shrimps, Asparagus, Peas, Favas
This was my meal choice. I've watched Lidia's PBS episode where she makes Risotto. Could. not. resist.
The shrimp were abundant and I truly enjoyed every single bite. I wanted to share a taste with everyone but it was not safe for that 1/2 that I mentioned before. We have a cookbook of Lidia's and I do believe I will try making a variety that everyone can eat sometime soon.
This was a gorgeous restaurant with doors open behind me letting in fresh air. Loved the atmosphere! This dinner was a wonderful way to prelude the concert at The Midland to see Kacey Musgrave.