Thursday, October 1, 2015

It Started With A Bushel

 My mother went shopping.
You have to understand that my mother only shops with a distinct purpose.
It's a Mission. An Undertaking. An Operation.
I ended up with this.
My very own bushel of #2 Jonathan Apples.
This Tasty Thursday, were you here, you would find me immersed in making Apple Pie Filling.
By the jar fulls.
This is batch #1, 6 pints. I was only trying 1/2 the recipe here.
The quart jars were not sanitized yet.
I need to let you in on a little dilemma I had during the planning stage.
This particular issue of The Ball Blue Book, every canning person's Bible, did not print the 'how' to can Apple Pie Filling. Every other variety of apple this and apple that, but No Pie Filling.
But Mother came to the rescue by calling on Aunt Maybelle.
If you've read any of my other blogs,
Aunt Maybelle has her own tag.
She should be at the top of Google listings under Aunt Maybelle.
She had the recipe.
So now the little project I had planned for her had definitely better be ready for Christmas :)
So does anyone else out there have an Aunt Maybelle?
You know, the aunt who is the coolest??
But I venture to say,
Aunt Maybelle learned some of her coolness from my mother.
After all, it started with a bushel.