Monday, July 27, 2015

Grandfather's Clock

That is a horrible picture, but the real point is the "sound". That clock hasn't ticked since 1971 when my husband accidentally wound it too tight. He was in so-o-o-o much trouble and it sat on a desk for the next few decades. 

Fast forward to 2015, and we decided to head south of Sedalia to Buttercup Road in rural Morgan County; a good 45 minute drive from home.There lies a Mennonite community where you can still find a couple men who repair clocks like ours. They aren't fond of cameras so I didn't snap any pics. Maybe I'll get some barn photos next time 

The Infamous Childhood Clock

My Grandparent's Clock (Hunter family)

Mine had become overwound as well thanks to yours truly. When you combine an 8-day clock in a room full of jumping children, the clocks tend to stop and you do what seems the cause, wind it up. However, sometimes it's just the jolt that stops the clock. The last time, it was too late to 'rewind', pardon the pun, my actions.

So clocks in tow, we proceeded to the "clock guy". The roads are paved, but thanks to Missouri legislation of sending road money elsewhere (uh-hem to Big Cities), and the use of Semi-trucks picking up loads and loads of chickens and turkeys from all the bird farms, our country roads leave much to be desired and give you quite a bumpy ride.  

The last time I went to the "clock guy" was about 25 years ago with my Aunt Maybelle. They didn't have cell phones then and not sure if they do now, but the phone number on my old card was definitely Not a cell phone number. When we drove by the church, we noticed it was cram packed with vehicles (horses and buggies included). So we pretty much figured that when we called, there would be no answer. We were right.

We stopped to check out a little shop that had 'clocks' but they weren't into repairs. They just sold them and some other fancy glass items (Fenton). We heard from the owner that the "Clock guy" was semi retired so in the future, it definitely would be best to call first.

When we returned to our truck, my Grandparents' clock was ticking.....without the pendulum. It had started unwinding itself from all the bumps in the road and the starting and stopping motion of the truck. So those roads are good for something after all.

Once home, we let it finish unwinding and while doing so, the hubby got out the 3-In-One oil and proceeded to work on his own Grandfather's clock. Low and behold, around 3 am, the ticking began.
It's Monday morning, two days later, and it's. still. unwinding.

"Time and tide wait for no man."
Geoffrey Chaucer Author, Poet