Thursday, July 2, 2015

Going Obsolete; Silent Movie & Rewinding

After a night of flooding in my basement and cleaning it up til the wee hours, I decided to delay my Tasty Thursday post in place of this experience in our home during a less stressed evening.

A Trip to the Moon is a silent movie my eldest college student daughter decided to share with us last Tuesday night. We only had to endure it for 16 minutes; plus the extra time we took to rewind (another obsolete term from cassette player days) and see the fashions in the movie.

To be more specific, we found ourselves enamored by the spoof-like gestures they made with their hands and arms. So-o-o dramatic. Drama queens of today should take notes! Also, the clothing the women wore Had to be risqué for the time. They appeared to be wearing sailor suit-type swimsuits. They digitized them in a pale blue. To see ankles in those days was "OH MY!"

The movie was from 1902 and had been lost, rediscovered and rescued. Rated number 84 of 100 best silent movies of all time. In the small town I'm from, (Green Ridge, Missouri, population 484 on Google) we revered our own Pearl White, starlet of silent movie days. Alas, she wasn't featured in this French film.

But our own comments made the movie experience memorable to say the least. Like, "So, if you're at a silent movie, did people talk constantly?"

"Do you think they told others to BE QUIET!? I can't hear the movie????

And after seeing the men in the movie escape aliens by hitting them with umbrellas and watching them explode in a puff of smoke, "Did the Power Rangers get their idea of Poofing the Putties from this movie?"

When will Power Rangers be Obsolete?