Thursday, April 16, 2015

Norwegian Wood

Norwegian Wood is just a "nice" song. If you listen to the lyrics, the guy plays the gentleman and sleeps in the tub. What a concept in the present times.

But about being "Nice".....I have a list of niceness in a day in the life of children.

  1. Let me get you a hat.
  2. Hey, Steph! He gave me his flashlight!
  3. Wanna go on a bear hunt?
4, Macoy: "Ben wants my lucky hat."   Me: "What can you do nice for him to make him feel better?"Hudson (16 months) "Let it go, ok?!" (he has watched the movie Frozen often)

How about trying a little nice, especially when you don't feel like it. Not just when you're dressed up for church.
When you're sitting on the sidelines of a ballgame listening to parents yelling, it can be particularly hard to "feel" it. You'd really like to blast them in the face with some special words. But that could end with very bad results. Trust me.
So I typically grab my crochet hook and start making a piece of mindless work like a shawl or a scarf. And with each stitch I'm praying. For me, for them, for anyone else who needs it. And in my mind I'm hearing Hudson say, "Let it go, ok?!"

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