Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Angel Band

Welcome and enjoy my little taste of banjo-ness for the A to Z Challenge 2015. Since December, I have been trying out song titles for each letter and plan to post at least a 'sound bite' for each. Hopefully I'll have a little visual for each one as well. 
My writing will probably Not be 'angelic'.  I hope to at least entertain some of you with my thoughts and views enough to get you to the end of each day's post. I'm not an aspiring author, but I love to read so looking forward to seeing fellow bloggers' work as I trek through this year's challenge. 
As far as my music, I hope to show bloggers how versatile a 5-string banjo can be through my choice of songs. Some you would expect to hear. Some may raise your eyebrows a bit. Or not. Regardless, thank you for stopping by and seeing some of Stephanie's Stuff.

Note; I posted last year on Katy Trail Creations and will be sharing there as well. This is the place I started so hope to grow it. Thanks again!