Thursday, January 8, 2015

They Tell Me To Unlock the Mind

The baby wimpers as my husband holds her. I listen at the kitchen table to the wind blow. I look at the sunshine and shadows. My husband burps. My soda is sitting beside me in a plastic white Smith Cotton Tigers cup from the 1980’s. It’s diet soda. I’m trying not to think about the candy bar in the top drawer on my new cabinets. It’s behind the battery charger and batteries. A bunch of AA batteries and rechargeable ones too. My friend is texting me about the weather in Southern Tennessee. I’ve just asked her about how the world is treating her and waiting for ‘the answer’. I’m debating on whether it’s another indecisive note about them moving back to Missouri or not.

Here’s our convo….

Me> How’s the world treating you all?

L > Ok…I reckon :{ still contemplating where and what to do next. How are things on your end?

Me> Halfway to having my sewing room completed. I may disappear for a month to just sew. Lol  If only….
Had a try at getting my drivers license back and flunked the test twice. Just the written at least.
Going to fix spaghetti for supper I think. Same ol same ol daily grind stuff. Haha

So I guess I was right about the indecisive answer from my friend L. I don’t blame her. Lots to consider in her life. Wish I had the perfect answer for her decision.
Hope you enjoyed my writing prompt. It's supposed to be 20 minutes of random thoughts no matter what they are. Glad they were publishable :)