Sunday, June 30, 2013

In Love With My Lil' Piece of Americana!

I went to the Saturday Night Auction and lookie what I found! My mother doesn't even know yet!!! It's a little dusty in these first couple of pics.
And here's the inside....

The machine was stored fully threaded and with fabric under the presserfoot. Thanks 'somebody'!
Inside the drawers it even had the original owners manual and all these parts that were options in the manual. Somebody loved this machine.
Hope I can continue the love.

Here we are at last with it cleaned up at least 1/2 way. I took some Pledge Revitalizing Oil to the cabinet and a damp towel to the metal. (Not the machine itself.) I'll get some Car Wax for the machine as I'm told by a good friend, Osage Bluff Quilter, not to use household cleaners on it.
 Last step is a belt.
And to answer anyone curious enough,
I Have used a treadle machine before.
Thank you, Grandma Hunter!