Saturday, September 8, 2012

G-Free Chinese

Peanut, milk, wheat, eggs

Wheat_flour : Ears of wheat and ribbons on white eggs in an egg carton on a white background Stock Photo - 9889089

There are 8 common food allergens. A lesson learned after having to repeatedly read food labels this year. Here are 4. Our special thanks to Nicole Hunn
for her fabulous website. Our Friday night meal at home instead of eating out was a true delight.

I have had to deal with all these food allergies this past year for either one of my daycare children or for my own daughter. 
I totally understand the ache in the hearts of mothers everywhere who can't allow their child the simple joy of a quick fast food item for fear of a 'reaction' that could possible land them in the ER.
That being said, 
You cannot imagine the pride I had last night when my daughter fixed us a meal she ordinarily can't have when eating out.
Egg rolls were the main course and to the right is the de-lish filling.

We loved the rice lo mein noodles!

Our sauce of choice, rather than your typical sweet and sour variety, is the one pictured. 
Pronounced My-Poy.
It and a side salad were the perfect addition to our meal.
Thank you Rachel and yes, g-free can rock!