Saturday, August 25, 2012


This cat "wants" to come inside.......
The answer is absolutely, positively,unequivacably NO.
And the Momma said :There shall be no more pets!!!!

We lost our Faithful Flash a couple Sundays ago. He "went to the Farm" as we've told the children in our daycare. No need to stress them with the subject of death. He was with us for nearly 12 years and was a Christmas present to our daughters.
So..back to the cat in the photo.....He can visit anytime, but he has his own home. Actually 3 homes other than ours. 3 neighbors feed him, water him. etc. But he hangs out here. Hmmmm?! Guess we have good vibes? Who knows? But the momma definitely is sticking to her guns. No more pets.