Sunday, July 22, 2012

At the Auction

A little birdie called last Sunday to tell me about an auction.
They said there was a LOT of fabric AND yarn.
I could hear it calling me......
Thanks Bob & Maybelle. I used to call her Aunt BellBell :)

I Really, Really liked the old enamel stuff,
but alas I was not the winner in that bid.

But I did unexpectedly win the bid on this Kings Cutlery.
 I think someone was sleeping.
 Gonna polish it up.
Here's some buttons & notions.
(I'm around 2 and 3 year olds wayyy too much)
Now this needle is one big son of a gun.
It was in the button stash.
I see doilies in my future.

 Yes I did get some fabric. And that includes a significant amount of muslin. Let the quilting begin! 

Already got a String Quilt block experiment in the works.
More later on this if it works out so check back soon.