Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Taste of Summer

There's a recipe from my Grandma Hunter that we Love, Love, Love around here.
You won't find it here........
It takes 3 days to prepare before you can preserve it with canning.
When you have 10 children runnin' around your house 5 of those days, you must be creative with your time.
Only 10 minutes left (unless you use Quart-size jars. Then it's 15)
In case you hadn't guessed, what we have here are Lime Pickles. Thanks to my mother for sharing her abundance of cucumbers! And again thanks to my Grandma for passing down her recipe for me to share with my younger generation. It is most definitely a keeper. :)
Oh! and by the way, grandma's in that pic you see up above in my blog heading !! Maybe I got my time creativeness from her??