Wednesday, December 15, 2010

White Elephant 2010

Last Saturday evening, the family got together for our annual White Elephant Party. It is a party for adults only, and was my eldest daughter's first time attending. She now knows how crazy her family actually is.
The order of events is as follows:
  • Show up
  • Drop off the food & get it ready to serve
  • Wait for the "Lord's Prayer"
  • Chow!
  • Chow a little more
  • Wait for the food to digest
  • Pass our gifts out (numbers are drawn for this part)
  • Open gifts one by one to relish the 'creativity' of each item (& pray you aren't the one embarrassed the most)
  • Laugh your guts out
  • Partake in the cookie exchange which lasts until all cookies are taken.
Some photos of gift hi lights must follow for you to really appreciate the joy we experience.
Certain family photos were not included due to the audience this may encompass. (sounds like a disclaimer to me)

Rachel  & I have decided that art gallery curators is our budding new career after our two framed gifts. :)
Santa Baby!!
Bucket of Brains with marshmallow brain and a map of the male brain.
I'm really thankful I got the Einstein art just for the record.
My dear mother, bless her heart, was the recipient of her very own Lady Gaga kit. It included the bobbie pins you see attached to the card, red lipstick, feather fake eyelashes, and 4 empty beer cans for the style you see in the card photo.And I'm so proud that she even knows who Lady Gaga is!!