Sunday, November 7, 2010

Color Change

Adding a new color to my lil' circle in a square block project. Can't seem to match the green. Went to several stores & not having any luck with that. So on to the next with a burgundy. I suppose this will make it more Christmasy. Darn the luck! I might have to make it into a little table centerpiece or something.
Color contrast seems to show up better in this tan background.

Another weekend project was making a new purse.
The old one is at least 6 months old & starting to get threadbare in spots.

Sorry the pic is upside down.
Guess it captures attention that way. :)
This old purse will now make a "House Painter theme" bag for
the daycare.
After spending Saturday afternoon painting at my Mom's, this idea came to mind.
In the bag I'll include:

smocks, paint brushes, paint rollers, rags, paint trays (probably won't fit in the bag but this list will be a reminder to dig them out), cap,  old shirts, color sample wheels, paint stir sticks & masking tape.

Never can have too many bags.
New purse already filled up. I'm using fabric sample fabrics from
a local furniture store who would have thrown them away.
I haven't purchased a purse in several years.
The fabric on the table underneath is what I used for
the lining & shoulder strap.