Friday, November 12, 2010

Adopting A Marine

My bestie, Marty, has a son who's now in Afghanistan. We are all praying fervently for his safety and quick return to home. In the meantime, the children I keep at our daycare have decided we need to adopt Josh!
We started out with a map of the world. I showed them where we are & where Josh is. Then we talked about how a letter would get from here to there. They had lots to say about that. The concept of mail flying over the ocean was pretty interesting to them.
 Would you eat a turkey that looked this good???
Our group turkey coloring project also listed some sentiments
we wanted to send to Josh.
Hope it makes it there by Thanksgiving.
At my last venture to JoAnn Fabrics, I found these Marine scrapbook
stickers that I thought would make this adoption realistic.
The Marine in uniform and the airplane
really captured their attention.
We connected the USA (Missouri) to Afghanistan with a yellow line.
Thinking of that song, Tie A Yellow Ribbon.
We Salute All of our Troops this week &
especially our newly adopted Marine, Josh Eickhoff!!!