Monday, August 2, 2010

Trophy This Weekend

Kirsten won a trophy playing her mandolin Saturday in St. Louis at the M.A.M.A (Mid-America Music Association)music festival located at the Airport Marriott. She had to memorize 2 songs, play them in front of a judge and score average of 95 or above. We don't have her score sheet yet, but we know she won a trophy. We don't have a trophy yet either because they ran out of them in her category. But we'll post a pic of it as soon as she has one in her possession. When she completed her songs, she came out of the room & told us the judge asked her to repeat her last song. She couldn't understand why. I told her that he wanted to hear her play that "bluegrass" of course!!! I also told her that all the years I competed, no judge ever asked me to repeat a song. She beamed. Me too :)
 Kirsten with my 'musical mother' Ruth Bockelman. She's taught countless people of all ages to play guitar, banjo, steel guitar, violin, mandolin, accordian & who knows what else. I am priviledged to say she has taught a second generation in our family to play music. She's a blessing to us all.

After the contest, Ron showed us a little place in Old Downtown St. Charles, Mo, Lewis and Clark's. We had lunch there. The food is wonderful! So is the atmosphere.

This is the front door. They serve on all 3 floors.

We're thinking St. Charles has senior pic potential.