Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Happenings

These face masks were in our closet for emergencies. In this case it was for toilet gases.
Poor Ron, up in the middle of the night, knocked a bottle of deoderant down the it flushed.

So we called Ron's dad to the rescue. Daycare was closed for another day. Here's Rachel helping me after we had to pull the toilet off the floor. We tried other methods before we made this ultimate decision. It made for one Long, Aggravating day.

This little photo is enough of the site we had to endure. Be glad you weren't any closer. It was not pretty.
Turns out the toilet was starting to leak anyway, so guess it was just as well that it happened. But still. It was not how I planned to spend an extra day off.

Here is the one & only cantalope I will get from my garden this year. It sure was good!
Shared it with my children at lunch at the daycare.
Mixed reactions to its flavor/texture.

And last in this random/style post is the crocheting I accomplished while on vacation. These will be at craft shows Mom & I work this Fall. More posts to come of our crafting for those shows.