Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One June Weekend

Saturday was another tree trimmin' & then tree shredding day. We rented this shredder....
This was the Granddaddy of shredders and we got lots of use from it. We shredded enough to make mulch for our front yard hosta bed & gave 3 cartloads to the In-Laws next door. I'll get some garden photos later.
On Sunday, I was tranported to my good friend Lori's house for a Pampered Chef party. She was host/dealer and is moving in a couple weekends. So this was a kind of farewell party for her too.
This is Lori & her 2 boys, Jacob (1 yr.) & Joey (5 yrs.) Joey turned 5 last Saturday!
When I arrived at Lori's the cats knew something was about to happen as they were hidden above the cabinets.

One of the cats in this pic
Their world is upside down as lots of their stuff is packed up ready for moving day. Poor kitties!
Goodies about to be eaten included 2 dips (salsa & fruit dip) and 2 kinds of cookies (M&M and Snickerdoodles).
Here's our little group. We had lots of giggles & enjoyed our visit with Lori very much. We will really miss her!  Don't know about these ladies, but I'm already wondering when I can make it to Georgia for a visit.