Friday, January 13, 2017

Pad Thai/Friday Flavor

Back in December, on a visit to Lawrence, Kansas to have dinner with the eldest, we were whisked away to a little hole in the wall place on 'Mass'(local slang for Massachusetts Street).

Rachel is using chopsticks, something I've never mastered. I on the other hand apparently text with my third finger. So why can't I master those chopsticks?? And do you get more of those Pad Thai noodles per bite on a fork or with chopsticks?? I'll tell you what(inserting local dialect here), that is a very important question because they are to die for!!
So since our town doesn't have such restaurant choices as Zen Zero, we three made it a goal to find a way to make this dish at home.
I present first, The Ingredients 
Not shown in any particular order.
Here's the recipe on the package:
We substituted chicken. 
We also eliminated lime juice and bean sprouts. 
Our local grocer's produce section had bean sprouts with mold added. 
I hope they read this.
And just think they are opening a new store next month.

So on to better things like seeing it all fall into place.
Woks are pretty fantastic by the way.
Add a couple egg rolls and some sweet chili sauce and you my friend have just been 'schooled' in how to have it at home!