Monday, October 10, 2016

Those Monday Blues/Missouri-Made Mondays

Blues in this instance are symbols. Looking into the symbolism of blue I read that it can convey a sense of trust, loyalty and understanding. It's no wonder it's a favorite color of most people.
So when I worked on various projects this weekend, I wasn't surprised in the common denominator of blue I ended up with. Time to share them with you....
This wrap took me through 5 skeins of Homespun Yarn. It's extra wide and was nearly part of a new garment, but I ran out of yarn. sigh! Maybe next time.
Maybe it's width will qualify it for a "Super Wrap", (Super being the trend in crochet this season)
More blue in this vintage fabric. Storage never looked so lovely!
I hope these pillow cases I embroidered by request will make the newlyweds feel like royalty. Thanks to my cousin for letting me help out! 

To see more Missouri-Made items, drop by my Etsy Store, Katy Trail Creations.