Thursday, July 21, 2016

Another Brick in the Wall/Tasty Thursday

Tasty Thursday

While on his laptop last weekend, my husband sent me a link after I'd just been commenting about needing to use up my canned apple from last year. Tip Hero was his go to for that day.
This is a glutenous version of German Apple Pancakes.
Time to try out the gluten-free variety.
Our baking mix of choice has the leavening agents already included.
Cast iron skillet is a must. So many good reasons to use that I could do another post just on that topic.
Maybe later.
Powdered sugar topped off and doused while still warm. 
Did I mention it's a little messy?
You can't have your pudding if you don't eat your meat keeps repeating in my brain when I view this pic.
Happy Tasty Thursday!
Make it a good one.