Thursday, February 11, 2016

Law and Order/ Tasty Thursday

Wouldn't you know it?! I get to have two parties this week at work!
But just remember, I get to play at work ;)
Here's a peek at our party yesterday.
To start, we had a Cops & Robbers party for Sawyer.
He is four Today, but we celebrated yesterday so Happy Birthday Sawyer!!
We made some homemade journals with wallpaper samples and drew bad guys inside.
Here is Sawyer's REally Bad Guy!

Our beanbags were labeled with Really Bad Guys and were tossed into jail! They were interested in what the names meant, like 'what's vandal and bandit mean?"
Great vocabulary opportunity.
Another homemade game was Pin the Badge on the cop.
Using more of the wallpaper samples, we connected the less interesting pieces into a large poster-sized one to draw our own officer. The badges were drawn on blank stickers donated by a friend who works at a local photo plant. Lucky us!!
This is our connection to Tasty Thursday.
Everyone knows how much cops love 
We had them instead of cupcakes.
With sprinkles of course!