Thursday, October 29, 2015

I Eats Me Spinach/ Tasty Thursday

Popeye came to mind when I started to write this post. Maybe it's my age, but I loved watching Popeye back when we only had 3 channels and were lucky if it was in color.
That's a blog topic for another day.
Today I'm sharing some cooking fun I shared with a couple of my daycare children. Normally I'd post something like this over on the Honeysuckle Road blog. But Tasty Thursday surely could use some smiles like these.....
These two were more than eager to try one of the recipes from my found treasure
So fast forward to the page we chose for our cooking experience.
Taking a look at this 1932 version of a Spinach dish, I knew we could one-up this recipe to a more modern Quiche-like fare. So instead of the 2 eggs and 2 cups of cooked spinach,
I decided to go with 4 eggs (beaten until frothy),
1 cup of fresh, chopped spinach,
1/2 cup grated cheese.
(be sure to spray your baking dish with non-stick cooking spray,
or go with the 1930's buttering your pan)
With a little help from my friends, we ended up with a pretty yummy snack.
I can't talk about my time spent with the kids without going educational rogue on you.
So here goes my pitch on cooking and young children.
Areas of learning your young children can experience from helping you cook:
  • Creativity - We learned a new name (Quiche) for an egg dish
  • How Things Change - Seeing the difference between raw and cooked spinach
  • Raising Self-Esteem - They CAN help chop leafy greens with kid-safe utensils
  • Small Motor Control - Chopping, Filling, Pouring, Stirring,
  • Math Skills - Measuring, Visually comparing portions & MY FAVORITE MATH SKILL.........
"SO Do You Want Seconds????"