Thursday, June 18, 2015

Tasty Thursday/ Cloudy With a Chance for Meatballs

Having a Birthday Party today! Normally this would be something I'd post on my Daycare blog, but it seems more appropriate for a Tasty Thursday post.
As in the title up there, we're celebrating with a little movie and 'meatball w/spaghetti' cupcake dessert.  Also going to do an experiment with some Efferdent tablets. 
Saving that for the daycare blog.
**Sidenote: Did you know Efferdent cleans old china without scrubbing? More on that for another blog post.

Close up view. I gotta admit this is just wrong. But the boys are going to love it!

A more appealing picture as Tropical Depression Bill leaves us with a spectacular Sunset.
Sis, this is for us :)