Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Silly Bill

My dad was Bill. Not silly by any means, but always welcomed wherever he went. Talk about big shoes to fill.
Simply put, I. Was. Shy.
And things kept me from growing out of that stage as time progressed.

One of the biggest was my constant knee injuries. Everyone had a cure for me other than actual surgery. The suggestion I got from all experts was doing those "fabulous" leg lift exercises. We used items from canned vegies to sand bag weights. Ug. Still hate them and still suggested by my doctors when the legs give me trouble. Finally had my first surgery at age 24. My first knee dislocation was at age 9. You do the math if ya want.

After the knee issue came the silver caps on my two top front teeth. Yep, right there front and center. I was playing tag in our school gym and met up with a brick wall, my teeth being the center point of gravity. They did not survive, naturally. So for a few years, I was blessed with those shiny, obnoxious, dreaded caps. I rarely smiled for photos and limited my talking to strangers. I wonder how many polaroids exist of m silver teeth? I bet not one.

So since becoming a childcare provider, the one thing I have always been partial to is the shy kids, the ones with delays, just waiting for the skies to open up.

To young mothers out there, I'd like to tell you to let your children be the wall flowers, but take them to the social events. Give them a hobby they can excel in. Never shame them. Be a role model.

Yes, my dad was awesome! Thanks Bill Randall!

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