Monday, April 20, 2015

Question: Shall We Gather at the River?

My favorite activity to do with my daycare children is "Conversation Starters". There are good reasons to try this activity, even at home with your own children. First of all they love to talk. Second, it's so good for their self confidence, language development, social skills, and so so much more. I ask them a question and they answer while I dictate their answers. They'll make sure I get it all written down too. I hear, "Did you get that part?" So adorable. Parents get to see the conversations too since I post them on a large sheet of paper beside the coats. Smiles abound! And who couldn't use a smile after a long day at work?!

Things happen when we engage children like this. Curiosity is unlocked and they take an active part and become more involved with others. In other words, the little shy kid gets to shine :)

If you have time, check out my daycare blog to see one of our conversation starters from November.

Special thanks to Osage Plains Images for permission to use photos in the slideshow. Please take time to see his Facebook page Here

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