Friday, April 10, 2015

Irish Washerwoman

Bet the Irish Washerwoman was just searching for a pot of gold. How many times, Mom, do you find change in pockets when doing laundry?

So switchin gears now to my picture topic in the slideshow......
We decided to spend some time Inventing stories this morning and I thought it was way more interesting to read than googling some top ten ways to get rich like that Irish Washerwoman. So hope you enjoy the Imaginations of my In-home daycare boys.

Weston: age 4 (fish photo)
Once upon a time he gets that down at the pond. He carried it back up to his house and he's going to cook it and eat it

Macoy: age 3  (boat/dog/pumpkin photo)
That's in the water. That boat drive in the water and that dog sat and eat.
and pumpkins in the basket and the end. (on 2nd thought Not)
and that phone called somebody
and bird pecked and that bird pecked too and the end.

Hadley: age 3 (hat lady/watch photo)
Once upon a time there was a girl in the field. The clock says time to go to bed.
They're standing by a block.
The train was coming for the lady . The End

Ben: age 3 (man and girl/ cliff photo)
Once upon a time they went to a wedding and now they want to go home.
How about this one? They went to a doctor. They was sad. Now they was scared.
They want to go home.
Can I be done?

Love those boys!!