Saturday, February 21, 2015

My Hope-This-Helps-Me-Get-Well Recipe

4-Ingredient Chili Dog Casserole Recipe - Kraft Recipes

Chilling out with a terrible virus this weekend. Trying all the spicy stuff I can come up with. Special thanks to my 2 girls who've brought me what I need from the store. Namely, Chocolate and a great homemade salsa (Rachel) and Cupcakes (Kirsten). You've heard the saying, 'feed a cold, starve the flu'. Feels like I have both :( Definitely working on it.

Hope the recipe tastes good. If you attempt it, be sure to heat those tortillas a few seconds in the microwave (we use our potato bag for this task). It'll keep them from cracking so much at least while rolling them up. And we put much more cheese on top than the web page shows as you can see in the pic. By the way, It's Gluten-free!