Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Day After

Our family tradition continued last night at the Annual Hunter Family White Elephant Party. 2014 was no different as we had our usual shenanigans. There were those who we missed as always and hope to see them next year. But I have to say "thank you" for not spilling the beans last night on Facebook. More on that in a bit....
There were the "gifts"
Some were "R" rated and so we'll just say I was fortunate enough to have the "family friendly" gift of the evening. Here you see the Tissue Cover Barbie Couch. Accompanying this fabulous item was a clock with various grains imbedded in it. Just Lovely Michelle :)

We had a card exchange, cookie exchange, and a fabulous pot luck meal. Loved Ashley's cream cheese corn and glad she told me the recipe. Gonna try that one!

The game of the evening was provided by Bob & Maybelle with their Cookie Bowl Roulette. I dubbed it Roulette but it was actually how a White Elephant party is supposed to work. First we all get a number and take a turn picking out a gift from some choices they provided. After that, anyone can 'steal' your item if they think it's better than yours. Apparently I have good taste, because my choice became the HoT PoTaTo of the evening.

I had it

But lost it. I think nearly everyone tried their best to keep it.

But my daughter, Rachel triumphed in the end. She was pretty excited about that!
(So was I actually)
Sorry to those who were plotting a "strategy". Better luck again next year.
Now for the More on that in a bit part.
We're a fairly versatile group of adults.
College Students
A High School Senior
Business Owners
Skilled Professionals
Blue Collar Workers
Real Salt of the Earth Family.
No Fakes here
When I asked them to all wear the "Find A Cure For Isaiah" bracelets, they didn't let me down.
We are uplifting him and his family in our "Pound It" photo here.
We're definitely not a group to sit around a camp fire singing 'Kumbaya',
but we are giving in prayers, goodness and actions.
We hope that you'll take a minute or two to read about Isaiah and get to know him through the world of the Internet.
He also made the New York Daily News
Please take a minute in your day to spread some prayer, information or your support for this disease.
Isaiah's journey is one to make us all stop and bring us all together this Holiday Season and beyond.
Adding a blurry picture here of Isaiah's mom (center).
We're standing in the rain at the Lee Summit train depot but I promised to share this one.
Rachel and Emily are responsible for the bracelets.
Proud of you girls!!
Ephesians 4:2
Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.
Merry Christmas from the Hunter family to yours!