Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Glance At October

October has flown by. Before it gets away from me, here's a run down.
We had an 80's day and a Disney Character Day at high school for Homecoming Week.
Kirsten had a blast dressing for these. I had a massive blast from the past flashback.

We went with Mizzou and a firefighter-themed scarecrow this year.
As you can tell the neighbors' cat is really feeling threatened.
This may call for Plan B.
 Made a bag for Auction nite crocheting. Trying out a 'button-hole' handle. 
and the best entertainment for this month has been the Sedalia Symphony Concert last night.
We were very well entertained by both the Symphony and a group called
"Time for Three"
Found a youtube video for your viewing enjoyment.
Hope you are having a wonderful Fall!