Saturday, February 11, 2012

Nuclear Oven

This is what almost happened to our kitchen. Thank goodness we were home.
We had just finished lunch for the kiddos at least. I had my daughter turn off the oven (no school that day) and it came back on. At least the broiler element was on. Funny thing, it didn't work at all Christmas Day for the lemon meringue pie!!!! Figures.
We tried turning off the breaker to it to reset it but it still came back on as soon as the power returned to it.
So......time for a new oven.
We converted to gas instead of electric. That was the 2nd electric stove I had turn nuclear on us in a little over 10 years.
Remember the phrase 3rd time's the charm? We don't wanna go there.

Especially with these little responsibilities I have :)
Thanks Rachel for catchin' me in the act of spoiling. lol

Just sharing a beautiful view of the Ol' Missoura River.
(local pronunciation)

We were here.
Nothing like a relaxing Sunday Drive.