Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November Highlites

November has flown!!

I finally convinced my youngest daughter that posing for our Etsy store was not too painless :)
I think she is perfect for the job! & guess what???!! All those cowls she modeled sold!

Thanksgiving we gathered with many of other locals downtown. I couldn't resist taking the photo above as it made me think of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

My sister snapped this photo of her daughter (my niece) singing at the beginning of the lighting ceremony. We also had fireworks!!

My nephew turned 21 this year!!! On the day after Thanksgiving to be exact.

We celebrated at a local Chinese restaurant with him, his mother & girlfriend(who had a birthday on Thanksgiving) the following day.

My sister, Mother & myself
My daughters

Papa Ron had a birthday too. We won't tell his age for now :)