Tuesday, July 19, 2011

This Must Be July

I'm still striving for the status of Master Gardener with tomatoes by July 4th....but it didn't happen this year. These first ripened tomatoes arrived Friday last week.
Boy were they delish!!!
This is the 'unexpected' for the week. It's our depiction of spilled nail polish we've created just for Rachel.

Got a new area rug out of it though :)

These are our variation of 'tube funnels'. We recycled 2-liter & 20 oz. soda bottles by cutting n connecting with good ol' duct tape. Red neck? Maybe. But was loads of fun that made a much cooler outdoor play experience being we've had 100 degree plus days this week and last.
Note the cooperation associated with this type of play. Huge social skills being achieved.

Did I mention cooperation?
These are the things engineers are made of!