Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Welcome & Some Messy Play

Oops. Only 2 posts for February. I'm slippin up on my blogging.
To get back on's a pair of baby booties I made for our Dexter's brand new baby brother, Desmond.
Born Saturday, 8 lbs. & 20 inches in length, respectably.
Also found a "baby bootie bank" for starting his college fund.
Didn't get a photo of it but was excited to keep with the 'bootie' theme :)
On Tuesday, Brodie, age 3 & his mother arrived with a package of
home made 'rainbow' playdoh.
We Were Thrilled!
So the creative little minds went to work......
These colorful pencil stencils were the tool of choice. So I thought, "why not?!"

Cheese grating comes to mind here
Here we're flipping pancakes :)
Future chefs in the works!
Thanks again to Brodie & his mom for a wonderful learning experience.