Saturday, March 19, 2011

And the Judges Were.....

Ron and I had the pleasure of being the judges for the Second Annual Academy Fued
at Smith Cotton High School last night, Friday, March 18. It began for us at 6:30.
Here's a window we looked through.
The pictures are a little blurry due to my cell phone's limited capabilities.
But the team of teachers below are readying for the competition.
Did I mention FBLA is hosting this event? They had door prizes, a raffle & refreshments as well.

Here I am in headset with the questions & answers. My daughter, Rachel, her FBLA sponser Mrs. Brownfield, Ron & I were all 'connected' with them to debate acceptable answers (or not).We had a few come up. We even had to throw out a question due to a typing error. Guess we're not ready for Hollywood yet. Maybe next year?