Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cowboy Christmas

I decided after purchasing 12 cowboy (& cowgirl) hats a few weeks ago that I'd have a theme for our daycare Christmas party. Naturally it had to be a
Cowboy Christmas.
Waiting for Adoption

I nearly didn't get to have the theme I wanted. Finally after searching hi & lo
I found these at Toys R Us.
Some have noise buttons, & some don't. But they were all the same price.
Somehow, I don't think the cashier was paying attention.....
guess it was my lucky day.

As with all things Finnell-related, we had to start our day off with some drama. There was a water main break in front of our neighbor's house & so I had to load up some pitchers with water for the inevitable, water shut off. That was not such a big deal though because it was only about an hour that we didn't have water. Maybe not even that long. Kids loved watching the 'digger' though so made for a great start for them.

Back to the party.....
we had fabulous eats including these cupcakes.
There were also Rice Crispie treats bagged individually by a mom for take home
cookies with sprinkles, candy canes, chocolate snack bars, chocolate kisses & stickers just to name a few.
Can you say hyper????
I think a Yee Haw should go out to my generous families for making this a great day!!
You're children are very blessed to have you!