Thursday, November 18, 2010

Senior Pics

Last Saturday was a very pretty day for Rachel's Senior Pictures to be taken. A little chilly,
 but the lighting was perfect! We drove all the way to Florence, Missouri.
My family roots stretch through this lovely little town.
Great, Great Grandpa Benjamin Cramer was a Baptist preacher there.
Felt like just the place for this occasion.
Our photographer is 'the bomb' let me tell ya!
We had both outdoor & indoor pics and it
is clear that she understands photography.
Many claim to, but she is truly top notch in her field.
Debbie Siegel Photography in Florence, Missouri or
Kirsten assisted in the action
This Handsome young man is one of  my little guys
from daycare, Lane. I currently care for his little baby brother, Weston.
I felt pretty lucky to catch him in his deer huntin' gear.
Hope he gets one this season!
Thanks Mom & Dad for letting me post this adorable pic!!
And now for a little history about Florence & The Butterfield Trail that runs down the center of town.
  It dates back to 1858 when the Butterfield Overland Mail Company operated for three years carrying mail and passengers across country from Missouri to San Francisco.
It was 600 miles longer than other mail routes but could claim being snow-free.
(guess they didn't have 19 inches of snow in one day during those 3 years)
Can't believe they got by with the 25 day guarantee all the time. We locals know our weather in Missouri is very unpredictable. But it sure is pretty country to drive through. Great Sunday drive material.