Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Walkin' on the Moon

To walk on the moon, you need sponges, pony tail holders (large size) & a pair of feet!
We have put 2 sponges here into separate ziplock bags since they are moist & we don't want our socks to get damp.

We placed some of our carpet squares (really rectangles but squares is just what we call 'em) in a row to give even more extra cushion in our step.
Some supplies you'd need on your moon excursion are oxygen tanks, binoculars pencils & pads to write down new discoveries & a helmet of course. Chairs were arranged outdoors for the "driver" to take the helm.
Rocket ship bingo might be in order on those long flights.
Here's one of 6 cards.
Here's the rest of the game we've made.
To play, you roll the die, look to see if you can cover up one of your numbers and keep playing until one person has completed a rocketship.
After I took this picture, I removed all the cards & put corresponding dots next to each number so they could count just in case they didn't recognize the number.

Hope you enjoy!