Saturday, June 19, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

Look who finally put their uniform back on after a year!!
Ron escorted the county-wide tractor parade last weekend, Saturday & Sunday.
Should have made him take a camera along to get pics of the antiques.
Happy Father's Day, Ron!

Friday nite was farewell to the Fiorenti family. We treated them to dinner out at El Espolon's as they emptied out their freezer & frig to us. They sold their stove, leaving them stranded in the cooking department. So we were definitely ready to help them out!
Our best wishes for a safe & quick journey go out to them on their trek to Georgia and their new start there.
Editing this blog post as of 11 pm. starting in this paragraph.....
Used up some string quilt scraps and have some photos chronologically showing the pieces I used to make some hot pads.
So here goes....

I used recycled denim for the backing & then used a layer of pieced batting to insulate. Not too much waste from my scrap stash.

These are Very scrappy but I couldn't throw them away.
Final pic shows front & back views