Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Some Mother's Day Pics 2010

Intended to git myself & my brood to church Sunday for Mother's Day, but the fencing in of the garden due to critters eating my beets & lettuce took Waaayyy more time than I anticipated.
Here I am tying on plastic fencing to the 'chopped' cattle panel."Chopped" meaning we cut 6 of these 15 foot or so bad boys in half with wire cutters.
Zip ties attached the plastic fencing to the cattle panel.

Here is section 1 of 3 completed. There's tomatos, green peppers, banana peppers, anaheim peppers (a little hot), zucchini, cucumbers, dill & a really cool heirloom beet planted in here. All this frantic work to beat the rain.

Above pic is my flowers blooming as I walked out the door first thing on Mother's Day. Wish there were more of these!

Since we had dinner here, I have some family photos too. Dinner was BBQ Pork sandwiches, Mexican Bean Dip & lots of dessert! It was great & thanks to my sister for bringing the BBQ Pork.

Me, Mom & my sister

My nephew, neice & sister
My daughters, husband, mil & me
Here's me at the end of a long weekend cleaning up before the rains hit. I'm really glad we got the 2 sections done cuz there's a long week of rain still ahead. No Hail Please!!!